Connecting people!

The power of the Web, as we all know, is great! It is mindblowing to think that what I am about to post can reach every corner of the Globe at lightspeed! Whilst this website exists mainly for the benefit of the Club members, it is a fact that we are reaching people a lot further away than our county! It's great to know that our passion for tractors, vintage machinery and rural life is shared by so many people who find visiting our site useful. The last contact came a few days ago from the other side of the Atlantic. A group of young students with a keen interest in vintage tractors found our website a valuable resource for their research, and suggested a useful link to us as well! The message was so nice that I think it is well worth sharing! Here we go:

Subject: Suggestion for your tractor page

Message: Your tractor club page is a great resource! I oversee a community youth program and we're in the middle of collecting material for a rural history guide we're putting together. A couple of the young men in my group have taken special interest in classic and antique tractors, and found your reference page very helpful. I just wanted to extend our many thanks for the great info!

They suggested I pass along another article they found helpful: "The History of the Tractor"

I thought this was a nice suggestion and I know the group would be thrilled to see their recommendation added to your page, please let me know what you think!

Thanks very much and happy holidays! :)


I was absolutely delighted to receive this message, and I am sure all NBVTC Club Members will join me in wishing our young friends oversees all the best success with their research and beyond! Keep up your interest in farming, it's the most important job in the world! And as per their suggestion, I think the page about the history of tractor is very useful and I need to find some time to read it properly! It will definitely go to our links page!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Dan (Your webmaster!)