A little make over

After uploading the images from our last event of 2012, the Christmas Road Run, there were precisely 1000 images on our website! That may not sound like a big number, when you consider that at most events there will be Sandi, myself, Steve, Ernie... all with digital cameras happily clicking away without any restraint, since the digital revolution has freed us from having to develop films! Yet the bulk of the work happens at our computers with selecting, editing, sorting and uploading the images. It's not trivial work as we endeavour only to display the better images whilst ensuring that we cover every tractor taking part at each event.

With the winter break I have spent time doing some general tidy up, I have deleted some older images and freed some space so that the website is ready to receive the flux of images from the fortcoming events! It's probably the kind of housekeeping work that will go mostly unnoticed, but hopefully the tangible result will be is we can keep making visiting our website an enjoyable experience for all Club members and beyond.

There is something new, though. I have added a new page, called Video Galley. There is only one video clip right now, but the plan is to post more as new events will take place. The video clips are stored via YouTueb, and the player enjoys all the functionalities provided. In particular I would like to point those of you who may not be so familiar, to the gear-shaped icon at the bottom right of the player. This allows to select the resolution in case your broadband is not fast enough for a smooth play. Conversely, if your internet connetion is good, try to select HD!

Last but not least the diary page is up to date with the events for 2013 as we know them now. We had a bit of a false start with the Llama winter ploughing match being cancelled due to the snow, but there is a lot more in store for this year, particularly with our Club's 10th anniversary!