A place in the sun!

It's been a very poor year so far in terms of steam rallies and tractor shows in general. Since the hose pipe ban was cast upon us nearly two months ago it has not stopped raining...! This is very good for our water reservoires, and in fact most water companies have now lifted the ban. However, many vintage tractor events have been casualties of the persisting bad weather, starting from our very own Stoke Golding show, then including the St Albans rally and the Banbury rally.

Our Summer Road Run came also very close to being cancelled, as the weather forecast promised another washout. Contingency plans were in place to curtail the route in case the weather was really bad, but as the partecipants gathered at Tickford Lodge Farm on Sunday morning a lovely warm sunshine greated all of us! About 27 tractors turned up for the run, which headed firstly to Moulsoe, then Cranfield (stopping at the Cross Key pun as is now tradition), Astwood, North Crawley and then back to base. It was most definitely a very lucky as well as short lived window of nice weather in an otherwise gloomy day, as dark clouds gathered over our marquee as Molcolm awarded the price for the run to Steve Casebrook and his great MF 2640.

In this first major update of our new website you will find also a collection of images from the AGM of the LINK Club (Antique Caterpillar Club UK), which took place in Leighton Buzzard and Club committee member Steve Anguish visited. Finally, Sandi started a new gallery reporting from her visit to the Sammy Miller Museum about vintage motorbikes. We hope you'll find all this interesting!

Enjoying the sun and the summery breeze on one of the trailers!