Weekend work at Forest Farm

There was great disappointment at the news that the last ever Stoke Goldington Steam Rally had been cancelled. In the year when our Club turns 10 this was not what we wanted to hear, especially after last year's many disappointments because of the poor weather. Over the last few years the NBVTC has been associated with Stoke Goldington for the organisation of the tractor section and the working fields in what has been a succesfull and rewarding partnership. That is now finished.

The future isn't written yet. I am sure that there will be new opportunities and we will write new and even better chapeters in the Club's history. Meanwhile the present is great! Club member John Starsmore very kindly offered the use of his land for the Club to stage an event over what would have been the Stoke Goldington weekend. Two fields were available, one for free practice and play on Saturday, one for a ploughing match on Sunday. The turnout was really good with over 50 tractors competing in 6 classes. We had to dodge a few shawers but the main event took place in good conditions. All the images from Sandi and myself were posted in the Club Events section, and the video in this gallery.

Rally season is now ON and we will be present at a number of events through the summer. And then we all look forward to the third weekend of July when Moulsoe Farm will host our 10th anniversary get together. I cerntainly hope you will join us in great number for the celebration!

Forest Farm Ploughing Match results:

1st Barnaby Curtis (mem)
2nd Mat Rose (non mem)
3rd Mick Hayes (mem)

1st Jo Cowley (mem)
2nd Megan Singer (mem)

1st Brian Reynolds (non mem)
2nd Paul Gent (mem)

1st Derek Parker (non mem)
2nd Graham Soule (non mem)
3rd Max Cherry (mem)

V Mounted:
1st Alwyn Davies (non mem)
2nd Ray Gibbins (mem)
3rd Barry Moore (mem)

1st Hugo Hoyley (non mem)
2nd George Morton (mem)
3rd James Cook (mem)